The future of track lighting

The future of track lighting

Flexible. Versatile. Adaptable. Dynamic. Detail-oriented. Sleek. Magnetic. Integrated long-life digital driver.
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These are all the eye-popping benefits of our next-generation track lights.

Read on to get a complete lowdown on these fancy next-gen illuminators.

Small in size, big on benefits

Good things come in small packages. And these ceiling lights are no exception.

We’ve managed to take a shrinking ray to all of your favourite Brightgreen lighting features and squeeze them into these snap track lights:

  • Small Form Factor: These LED spotlights are 20% leaner than conventional track lights without sacrificing any of the illumination power.
  • Minimal Visual Impact: The linear track lights are experts at pulling a Houdini act.
  • They can recess entirely into the track for a flush downlight look that aligns unobtrusively with your interiors. Think of it as dissolving into your ceilings.
  • Tru-Colour® + Dayshift: It’s the world’s highest light quality (98+ CRI) and circadian lighting in a pocket-sized package.
  • Low Glare: Get recessed lens modules for maximum eyeball comfort and low glare from all angles.
  • Low-voltage Track: Paired with magnets and mechanical fixings, the low-voltage track allows for easy-peasy one-handed removal and adjustment.
  • Integrated Digital Driver: A neatly hidden driver for flicker-free, snappy, deep dimming with DALI and Zigbee control systems.

Switch things up, in a snap

As you know, spaces change and interiors evolve. And if you’re an indecisive decorator or the type to switch your furniture, art,

and baby grand piano around more frequently than Melbourne’s weather, this is your light.

Unfortunately, conventional lights (like downlights) are fixed and can’t adapt to these frequent changes.

Take a retail store, for example. You might add and change stock every week.

And if you want to put the spotlight on a particular item, fixed lighting options won’t cut it,

and traditional track lighting is too bulky, interrupting the clean lines in your space.

Cue snap track lights. You can easily add, remove, move, and refocus these compact lights in a snap and tweak the light to fit your space.

All you need to do is snap them into the low-voltage track. It’s DIY adjustability.

Track types for days

Surface-mounted. Trimless recessed. Recessed. A variety of track options allows for easy installation in most builds.

So, make your LED track lights climb the walls, ceilings, and everything in between.

And make them stand out from the crowd or dissolve into the architecture with surface-mounted and trimless track options.

The low-voltage track comes with all sorts of connections from 90-degree corners, flat angles,

and rail junction plates to make mounting your LED spotlights a breeze. So, from the window to the wall, shoot light beams wherever you want.

More light types than a buffet table

The options don’t stop with the low-voltage track. Make lighting changes in a snap with a generous choice of light types.

Plug and play with any of these ceiling light options, and effortlessly change how you guide people through your space with light:

  • Articulating Spotlights: Direct your beams with 360°/90° articulation.
  • Recessed Linear Downlights: Wash your walls with light.
  • Ambient Orb Lights and Circular Wall Lights: Take the indirect lighting approach.
  • Pendant Lights: Stay on track with task lighting.

Never-ending possibilities

With so many track types and as many light options, the number of configurations is so much more. It’s flexible track lighting for flexible spaces.

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