The things about the magnetic track lighting

Magnetic lamps have become popular throughout the home improvement market.

The magnetic lamp not only has the advantages of track lights, but also its fast installation method and minimal decorative effect make it the first choice for young people’s home decoration.

Let’s take a look at what is a magnetic lamp? What are the advantages of magnetic lamps and other related information.

  1. Magnetic track lighting system composition

The magnetic track lighting system is a combined product, which is mainly composed of three parts: magnetic track, magnetic led lights and switching power supply.

Through the magnetic adsorption technology, the lamp components are adsorbed on the track. The track is powered by low voltage,

the driver can be removed from the lamp body, and the entire track and lamp can be made very small and delicate.

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  • Application for magnetic track lighting system

(1). Home lighting

Magnetic track light used in home space can not only play the role of basic lighting, but also meet the needs of local accent lighting.

Especially for the minimalist design, the magnetic lamp not only plays the role of lighting, but sometimes the track + floodlight is also a part of the background wall design.

(2). Office lighting

Magnetic led lights are often used in the design of office space, which can enhance the atmosphere without being dazzling.

The modular design also increases the flexibility of lighting.

(3). Kitchen lighting

If a gypsum board ceiling is used in the kitchen and bathroom space, magnetic lamps can also be used, and the overall effect will be more simple.

Similarly, floodlights or downlights can be used for main lighting, and spotlights or grille lights can be used for focused lighting in front of the mirror.

3. Advantages of Magnetic Lamps

(1). Simple installation: only need to lay the track in advance, suck up and take down the lamp, and it will be done in one second.

(2). A variety of lamps can be matched: The magnetic suction lamp adopts a modular concept, and there are many light source modules suitable for the magnetic suction lamp,

including downlights, spotlights, grid lights, floodlights, chandeliers and so on. The light source can be freely selected, allowing DIY matching to meet the lighting needs of different spaces.

And the magnetic attraction track can increase or decrease the number of light sources at will

(3). The number of lamps can be increased or decreased freely: There is no limit to the number of lamps installed on the track. If the brightness of the light is not enough,

you can increase the light source at will, and if the brightness is too high, you can reduce the light source.

(4). Freely move and adjust the angle: the light source can move freely on the magnetic track, and the angle of the light source can be adjusted arbitrarily.

(5). Low voltage is safer: Magnetic track lights generally use 24V or 48V low-voltage design, and there is no danger of electric shock when directly touching and installing lamps.

(6). Convenient maintenance: the light is broken, just take it out for maintenance.

4. Disadvantages of Magnetic Lamp Systems

(1). Expensive. For the installation of embedded magnetic lamps, first of all, it is necessary to make a ceiling, and make a special magnetic lamp track slot for installing the magnetic lamp track,

which increases the cost of the ceiling construction accordingly.

(2). Track laying is relatively difficult. The installation of the magnetic lamp requires the cooperation of the top surface and the circuit design.

The connection between woodworking and electricians, especially the top surface process requirements are more stringent, so the unprofessional workers may lead to poor installation and use results.

5. Magnetic track light installation

Install the track before the ceiling sealing plate, and then paint the sealing plate together with the ceiling, which will present only a slender track shape. If the ceiling is ready, the track can be installed and then painted.

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