LED Lamp Retail Price Fluctuate in Sept.

LED Lamp Retail Price Fluctuate in Sept.

Global Average Selling Price (ASP) for 40W equiv. LED lamp was up 2.8 percent to US$ 16.2 in Sept. 2013, according to a latest LED lamp ASP survey by LEDinside, a research subsidiary of TrendForce. Few new products were released worldwide last month. Global 60W equiv. LED lamp was down 2.5 percent to US$ 21.4. Price plunge was most evident in U.S., as top North American lighting brands and wholesalersretail channel brands begin releasing super competitive-pricedcheap products. The implemented strategy has obviously stimulated purchases.

Exit of certain 40W equiv. LED lamp products causes price fluctuations

Global 40W equiv. LED bulb ASP was up 2.8% to US$ 16.2. Regional performance as listed below:

  • In UK prices increased 5.8 percent in Sept. 2013, due to price fluctuations in existing LED products. Certain product prices were adjusted upwards, while sales for a portion of low priced products was terminated. In addition, falls in exchange rates also led to higher prices.
  • Germany also saw 40W equiv. LED lamp ASP rise 1.9%  percent last month, due to plunging currency exchange rates and existing products price fluctuations.
  • However, in Japan 40W equiv. LED lamp ASP fell 2.1 percent due to steady decline in product prices, and an uptick in currency exchange rates.
  • In U.S., product ASP grew 2.2 percent in September. Sales of existing product prices were terminated, while remaining product prices fluctuated.
  • Prices in Korea experienced an incremental increase of 1.4 percent%, due to decreased currency exchange rates. Basically existing product prices remained flat.

Product ASP in China remained unchanged at US$ 10.2 for September, and no new products were released that month.

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