All in one solar LED street Light

  • All in one solar LED street Light
  • All in one solar LED street Light
  • All in one solar LED street Light

Solar Street Lighting All in one integrated 45 Watts, PV All in One LED Integrated Solar Street Lighting.

Solar LED Lighting all in one integrated 4500 Lumens 45 Watts.

Your next scheduled maintenance will be in 5 to 7 years!

Solar Powered LED light integrated high efficiency solar panels, controller, high-capacity lithium-ion battery and LED Lighting technology into a small compact housing unit.

Lumen (LM): 4000-4500lm.
Solar Panel Max Power: 24V/60w (high efficiency silicon solar cell)
Battery Type: 60AH 25.6V lithium battery (Life time +5-7 years).
LED Power: 24V 45W (Bridgelux from USA with high brightness).
Mounting height: range (m) 9-10m - 30 feet.
Space Between Lights: (m) 30-35m - 80 - 90 feet.
Viewing Angle: 120°.
Charge time by sun: 6-8 hours (with enough strong shine).
Working time: Over 12 Hours.
Working Temperature range: ( °C ):-20°C~+60°C
Color Temperature range: (k): 6500k-7000k.
Discharge time: Over 12 Hours.
Over charge/discharge protection.
LED Life Time: 5000 hours.
System Warranty Period: 2 Years.
Solar Modules Life Time: 25 Years.

System includes:
Fixtures Luminaries LED lamps
Solar Panel.
Fixture for solar panel.
Microprocessor controlled Charge controller and Timer.
Batteries: Long-Life - Deep-Cycle - Maintenance-Free.
Detailed instruction manuals included in every system.

Solar Lighting Applications:
Area Lighting,Parking Lot lighting,Perimeter Security Lighting.
Street lighting,Security Light,Highway and ramp lighting.
Highway Roadway Lighting,Residential, Industrial, Commercial lighting.

Solar Power LED Street Lighting,Solar Parking Lot Lights‎.
Solar Security Parking Lot Lights.,Solar LED Street lighting.

Hospital Parking Lot Lighting.
Airport Solar Perimeter Lighting.
Bridge lighting, Under Pass lighting.
Military Security Lighting.
Military Perimeter Security Lighting.

Easy installation no wiring required.
Installing and moving is easy no more waiting for the utility company!
Proven technology. Vandal and theft-resistant components and hardware. All parts are corrosion resistant.
Low installation cost.
Easily and quickly deployed in almost any location.
NO wiring run from the grid.
NO cuts through existing roads, sidewalks or landscaping.
NO Maintenance.
NO Utility bill.
Maintenance Free Batteries!
Big Credits and Savings form State and Federal Taxes.
Better Color Rendition & Nighttime Visibility.
No Warm-Up or Cold Start Problems.
Component lifetime of 25+ years.
Solar modules are made of high efficiency back-contact solar cells.
Use high capacity batter.
Light in weight, easy installation, no need for extra cable or wiring.
Intelligent control, safety and stability.

During the day the system converts the suns energy into electricity and stores it in to high reliable battery

system to provide green illumination at Night. Plus three days worth of backup energy.
Activation Switch On/Off:
A microprocessor automates the functions of the system automatically activates form sunset to sunrise; has a

timer, regulating the hours the light stays on; also regulates the battery, preventing overcharging and protecting against discharging.
POLE NOT Included (check optionals).
Dark Sky: Night sky preservation, We work directly with conservation experts and park officials to minimize ecological impact, preserve and protect the night environment while protecting dark skies for today and tomorrow.

Reducing glare to increase visibility. Glare from street lights is significantly reduced with the new IQ LED street-light fixtures, increasing visibility by directing light onto the roadway and preventing it from shining into the eyes of motorists.

Reduce excessive lighting and light pollution. New ways of designing and providing street lighting have been developed in the last several years. Luminaires produce high quality white light @ 5500K - 7000k color temperature which greatly enhances the nighttime visibility, color rendition & Scotopic (nighttime) visibility of the human eye.

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