DMX512 decoder

  • DMX512 decoder

DMX512 decoder

⑴This is a DMX512 decoder that specially designed for WS2801 and WS2811,LED constant current driver IC. It’s easy to use and wiring;
⑵Supports inputting DMX512 signal directly and execute internal patterns;
⑶Supports a variety of DMX512 control equipments;
⑷5V or 8~24V input voltage;
⑸With 51 kinds of patterns;
⑹When running internal patterns, each decoder can control 2048 pixels;
⑺Supports single and multiple synchronous

Specific parameters :
Operating Voltage:5V or 8~24V
Power Consumption: less than 1W
Operating Instructions
This decoder can work in two ways. Input the DMX512 signal or just running the internal patterns.
Works without DMX512 signal  : Disconnect the DMX512 signal first and then power the decoder , decoder will run the internal patterns.
● Pressing the key MODE to choose patterns from pattern 1 to pattern 51 , and it will run your chosen pattern
cyclically. When running at pattern 51, it will jump back to pattern 1 when pressing MODE,;
● Pressing the key SPEED to switch the running speed. There are 5 levels of speed can be chosen, it will be slower each time pressing the key SPEED.

 When running at the slowest level, it will jump back to the fastest level when pressing SPEED.
● While the decoder running in any pattern and speed , pressing the key MODE and SPEED at the same time ,the decoder will jump to the pattern 0;(pattern 0 is a pattern that run some patterns cyclically at a specific speed)
Works with DMX512 signal : Connect the DMX512 signal first, and then power the decoder.
Using decoders in cascade : When using the decoders in cascade,DMX512 signal will be decoded in each decoder at the same time, and display the same content.
6.Power supply choice and choose 2801 or 2811 to be controlled :
When using this decoder, users can choose 5V or 8~24V power supply to meet their requirement. Users can also
choose WS2801 or WS2811 to be controlled. The methods are showed as the figure2 below.

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